Monday, July 18, 2011

On the stalking of my cell phone

My cell phone is being stalked. 3 days ago, I got a phone call...make that 15 to 20 phone calls. Apparently the a mime. No one talks, makes noise, breathes, no pc starts it's pre-recorded message of "act now". It was weird ...on Saturday, by Sunday, however, not only did it increase, it happened several times during the day. So I re-dialed it...[you guessed it] "beep,beep,beep...we're sorry, this call cannot be completed as dialed, if you feel you have reached this recording in error..." -scream & violently throw your phone against something that will shatter it!!! [which is what I wanted to do] Instead I put myself on the "do not call list".
[which, by the way is here:]
You can put 3 phone numbers into it, including cell phones. If you prefer to call them:

So, in closing...
Mimes who stalk cell phones, next Jerry Springer.
Hopefully there will soon be a group for people who speed dial the same phone number they don't know.
Thank God for Weird Al....[phoney calls]

And...lastly, my cell phone...just wants to be friends, ok? ....unless, of course, you call ALL of your friends 800 times a day. Then...well... maybe not.
[this has been a "if you can't stand it, make fun of it" important public announcement.]

in the words of the weekend update desk of SNL...
Have a great day, & a pleasant tomorrow

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 [song #2]

I could try to tell you about this next band...but I'll let them do that
[Proto-Kaw, also you can look up Kerry Livgren here, & the lastest on Proto-Kaw here]

Words of Honor
[words by Kerry Livgren,
music by Proto-Kaw, from the aptly named disc: Before Became After]

Words of honor
Words of peace
Words of comfort,
that never cease
Bringing freedom,
across the earth
Tell a story
of endless worth

Deeds of valor
Deeds of old
Raise the standard
For the weak
and for the bold
Till the nations,
find release
In words of wisdom,
words of peace
Words of honor,
and words of peace

Long the days
when we could toss
our bread
upon the waters
And see beyond
the veil of tears
we sow
For soon
we walk
in fields of sun
and trace the path
we follow
That takes us
to a place
we've yet to know

Where we'll stand
in the latter rain
Purge away
every stain
As we stand
in the latter rain

Bind the future
In your vow
set the measure
here and now
Bravely walking,
toward the end
Til every enemy
can name
you friend
With words of honor,
words of peace
Words of comfort,
that never

...hopefully my words are helpful, peaceful, nourishing

meanwhile 2 songs...[pt.1]

I have so much to say, that I'm struggling with how to put it all in print.
...while I work on that, I'll leave you with 2 songs that came to mind during discussions tonight... [I did not write either one.]

Suzie's Diet
[by everybodyduck]

has decided
that it's time to
lose some weight.
so she's resolved to
choose with caution
just what foods
go on her plate.
She bought
chocolate milkshake powder
that she drinks
three times a day.
Once a week
a piece of frozen
diet cheesecake is okay.

But despite
all of her efforts
Suzy's weight won't
go away.
She works
30 hours a week
at Sam's All You Can Eat Buffet.

I live my life
just like
Suzy's diet.
I'm surrounded
by the things
I vow to give up
and I like it.
Yes I live
my life
like Suzy's diet
I tell myself
that I should quit
but with it
all around
I just can't help but try it.

is discouraged
'cause she can't
take off the pounds.
And then
she feels the pains
of hunger
as her stomach
starts to growl.
So she goes
into the break room
to mix up her
diet shake
and then she quickly swallows
two servings of
Sam's chicken fried steak.

Throughout her shift
she feels
the need to sample,
taste, and try each dish.
And as she stands on
the scale at night
quicker results
are her heart wish.

Well I
live my life
just like
Suzy's diet.
I surround myself
with things I vow to
give up
and I like it.
And I'm bound
to fail
just like
Suzy's diet.
Good intentions
can't survive in bad surroundings where
you just can't help but try it.

Suzy's biggest problem
was that she
just couldn't see
she put herself in situations
where she'd be tempted
If we choose to live our lives
the way the Bible says we should
We must leave out all that tempts us
and surround ourselves
with good.
'Cause bad company
corrupts good morals
it's a proven fact.
within herself
was all that Suzie
truly lacked.

Do you live
your life
just like Suzy's diet?
Are you surrounded
by the things
that pull you down
and do you like it?
Do you live
your life just like
Suzy's diet?
If you're still playing
with your sin
you might just fool yourself
but God's not
gonna buy it.