Monday, July 18, 2011

On the stalking of my cell phone

My cell phone is being stalked. 3 days ago, I got a phone call...make that 15 to 20 phone calls. Apparently the a mime. No one talks, makes noise, breathes, no pc starts it's pre-recorded message of "act now". It was weird ...on Saturday, by Sunday, however, not only did it increase, it happened several times during the day. So I re-dialed it...[you guessed it] "beep,beep,beep...we're sorry, this call cannot be completed as dialed, if you feel you have reached this recording in error..." -scream & violently throw your phone against something that will shatter it!!! [which is what I wanted to do] Instead I put myself on the "do not call list".
[which, by the way is here:]
You can put 3 phone numbers into it, including cell phones. If you prefer to call them:

So, in closing...
Mimes who stalk cell phones, next Jerry Springer.
Hopefully there will soon be a group for people who speed dial the same phone number they don't know.
Thank God for Weird Al....[phoney calls]

And...lastly, my cell phone...just wants to be friends, ok? ....unless, of course, you call ALL of your friends 800 times a day. Then...well... maybe not.
[this has been a "if you can't stand it, make fun of it" important public announcement.]

in the words of the weekend update desk of SNL...
Have a great day, & a pleasant tomorrow

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