Monday, July 18, 2011

On the stalking of my cell phone

My cell phone is being stalked. 3 days ago, I got a phone call...make that 15 to 20 phone calls. Apparently the a mime. No one talks, makes noise, breathes, no pc starts it's pre-recorded message of "act now". It was weird ...on Saturday, by Sunday, however, not only did it increase, it happened several times during the day. So I re-dialed it...[you guessed it] "beep,beep,beep...we're sorry, this call cannot be completed as dialed, if you feel you have reached this recording in error..." -scream & violently throw your phone against something that will shatter it!!! [which is what I wanted to do] Instead I put myself on the "do not call list".
[which, by the way is here:]
You can put 3 phone numbers into it, including cell phones. If you prefer to call them:

So, in closing...
Mimes who stalk cell phones, next Jerry Springer.
Hopefully there will soon be a group for people who speed dial the same phone number they don't know.
Thank God for Weird Al....[phoney calls]

And...lastly, my cell phone...just wants to be friends, ok? ....unless, of course, you call ALL of your friends 800 times a day. Then...well... maybe not.
[this has been a "if you can't stand it, make fun of it" important public announcement.]

in the words of the weekend update desk of SNL...
Have a great day, & a pleasant tomorrow

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 [song #2]

I could try to tell you about this next band...but I'll let them do that
[Proto-Kaw, also you can look up Kerry Livgren here, & the lastest on Proto-Kaw here]

Words of Honor
[words by Kerry Livgren,
music by Proto-Kaw, from the aptly named disc: Before Became After]

Words of honor
Words of peace
Words of comfort,
that never cease
Bringing freedom,
across the earth
Tell a story
of endless worth

Deeds of valor
Deeds of old
Raise the standard
For the weak
and for the bold
Till the nations,
find release
In words of wisdom,
words of peace
Words of honor,
and words of peace

Long the days
when we could toss
our bread
upon the waters
And see beyond
the veil of tears
we sow
For soon
we walk
in fields of sun
and trace the path
we follow
That takes us
to a place
we've yet to know

Where we'll stand
in the latter rain
Purge away
every stain
As we stand
in the latter rain

Bind the future
In your vow
set the measure
here and now
Bravely walking,
toward the end
Til every enemy
can name
you friend
With words of honor,
words of peace
Words of comfort,
that never

...hopefully my words are helpful, peaceful, nourishing

meanwhile 2 songs...[pt.1]

I have so much to say, that I'm struggling with how to put it all in print.
...while I work on that, I'll leave you with 2 songs that came to mind during discussions tonight... [I did not write either one.]

Suzie's Diet
[by everybodyduck]

has decided
that it's time to
lose some weight.
so she's resolved to
choose with caution
just what foods
go on her plate.
She bought
chocolate milkshake powder
that she drinks
three times a day.
Once a week
a piece of frozen
diet cheesecake is okay.

But despite
all of her efforts
Suzy's weight won't
go away.
She works
30 hours a week
at Sam's All You Can Eat Buffet.

I live my life
just like
Suzy's diet.
I'm surrounded
by the things
I vow to give up
and I like it.
Yes I live
my life
like Suzy's diet
I tell myself
that I should quit
but with it
all around
I just can't help but try it.

is discouraged
'cause she can't
take off the pounds.
And then
she feels the pains
of hunger
as her stomach
starts to growl.
So she goes
into the break room
to mix up her
diet shake
and then she quickly swallows
two servings of
Sam's chicken fried steak.

Throughout her shift
she feels
the need to sample,
taste, and try each dish.
And as she stands on
the scale at night
quicker results
are her heart wish.

Well I
live my life
just like
Suzy's diet.
I surround myself
with things I vow to
give up
and I like it.
And I'm bound
to fail
just like
Suzy's diet.
Good intentions
can't survive in bad surroundings where
you just can't help but try it.

Suzy's biggest problem
was that she
just couldn't see
she put herself in situations
where she'd be tempted
If we choose to live our lives
the way the Bible says we should
We must leave out all that tempts us
and surround ourselves
with good.
'Cause bad company
corrupts good morals
it's a proven fact.
within herself
was all that Suzie
truly lacked.

Do you live
your life
just like Suzy's diet?
Are you surrounded
by the things
that pull you down
and do you like it?
Do you live
your life just like
Suzy's diet?
If you're still playing
with your sin
you might just fool yourself
but God's not
gonna buy it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

a concert [& a slightly forced break]

[pt. 1]

Hey there,
I went to my first concert @ The Strand Preforming Arts Center in downtown York on Tues.
i went to see Bela Fleck & The Flecktones. I knew I'd love the concert, I'd seen Bela Fleck & co. before. They had reunited with Gordon Levy [piano & Hamonica, among jaw harp & other instruments]. This made familiar tunes seem recognizable, yet fresh. It was truly amazing to see him playing a harmonica with one hand & a piano with the other, playing a dizzying flurry of notes on both at once. Levy has replaced Jeff Coffin, who will be/ has joined the Dave Matthews Band. He, too is amazing when I saw them @ York College many years ago. Coffin [a sax player] he played 2 saxophones at one time. Drummer, Roy "Futureman" Wooten, this time out played both his self created "drumitar", as well as a small acoustic set. [playing both at the same time] These men are incredible. As well as very unique. I'm so gald I got to go. Better still, my friend Joe got to see them live for the first time. We had a great time hanging out before hand.

[to hear them]

I had never gone to the Strand before. If you haven't either. Go when you get the chance. It's a great venue. The staff were very helpful & friendly. We did not realize you can get food there. It's laid out very well. The gal who cuts my hair told me, when I wondered aloud, "there's not a bad seat in there". I admit, I thought, yeah... right. There really isn't a bad seat in there. It's a nice, smaller venue. For those of you with good ears,like me, the sound was mixed extremely well. Loud enough to feel like you were there, yet I didn't feel the need to wish I had brought my earplugs. [yes, I'm 40, & for more than the last 5 years I have taken earplugs to shows. I'd like to long as I live. Forgive me... or don't]. If you like architecture like me, get there early. The place is very well restored.

[pt. 2]
sigh... I am going to be on Prednisone for about 10 days or so. So I won't be posting much at all for the rest of June.

take care,
enjoy the adventure,
see you in July,

Monday, May 2, 2011


I have mixed feelings about the news of Bil Laden's death. As horrible as it may seem to say this way, I'm glad that someone who enjoyed killing people is no longer with us. His death does not bring anyone we lost back to us. As some in law enforcement, & government have mentioned, hopefully there will not be any retaliations. I'm thankful that no one on the SEAL team was hurt. As good as these men undoubtedly are, they can be hurt, especially in conditions like that. I can only imagine how the President, & others felt watching this as it unfolded. I have to admit, I'm not big on killing people. Yet this man would have shot me, if we met, simply because I was born in America. This idea, killing/ hating someone because of something they had no choice over... I will never understand.

I've had different emotions about this all day...
and, of course songs...
peace on Earth

long for the day
when there are
cob webs
on tanks
that no longer work
the news of the day
is the death
of sin
and death
is told
"your job
has been phased out,
here's your pink slip"
can live together
no one has to tell
the Devil
to go to Hell
we saw him
put there
the door slammed shut
and forever locked day
not soon enough
my teary eyes
will see
that day
...the day
when we finally
get to say
we got the Hell
outta here...

May His grace drip from your fingers,

Monday, April 25, 2011

not a real post, more of a post-it

Well, I wanted to post on Easter. Yet have missed the boat. As I look over this week I may not post till next week, anywhere. As tomorrow is my b-day. Normally I take off of work. Normally, I am alone on my b-day. Just me & Jesu, usually. Which has both been fun, & slightly depressing. However, my dear, sweet wife has taken the day off tomorrow as well. So, I'll be celebrating with her. Running around, "hanging out". As I have just mentioned on facebook, I do find it an ironic thing that a band I like [King Crimson] happens to be celebrating the same milestone as me. -we're both 40. And promptly asked: "is it bad to like a band that's as old as you are?". Let's hope not. Well... I'm off for now. I'll try to "make up for" this non post next week.

till then,

May His grace drip from your fingers,
may His mercy flow from your lips,
may His love wash over your mind,
like a wave crashing onto a sandy beach.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

something she said

"It is not what a man does that determines whether his work is sacred or secular, it is why he does it. The motive is everything. Let a man sanctify the Lord God in his heart and he can thereafter do no common act." -A.W. Tozer

I first saw this in Charlie Peacock's Love Life cd.
It came to mind as a woman spoke at The Summit @ LW, a while back.
She asked about a "more ambiguous" art form. "how do I do this & proclaim God's glory?" [actually she said it so much better, more achingly, & more "from the heart" than this] So... I'll use my photography to try to "put an answer" to her question. [it is SO much easier to have courage from behind a keyboard!]
First, I'm not trying to "save somebody". To be simple, I can't. I can't even save myself. What's more...I'm not impressed enough with me to bother to save me if I could. [if you knew me like I do, you'd understand]
Maybe you [& I] are going about it the wrong way. I always liked that song by In Reach, called God you are. "...& God you don't need, to stand on my shoulders, to reach the waiting crowd, God you are..."
When I go out... on a Sat. morning... in solitude... camera in hand. It isn't to preach about God. It is to drink deeply of his creation. To celebrate, to be swept away by/in, to thank, to praise, to be in awe, of the one who made the world... in six days... with his voice. [imagine what the rest of Him can do!]
I guess I'm saying [or trying to] get lost in creating with the creator. Don't do it for Him... rather with Him. I think you'll both get more out of the experience. You don't have to worry about whether your art is guiding someone to God. For, maybe, by guiding someone to you, you can explain the relationship that you have, that inspires you to create the way you do. So they will ask you: "what inspires you to create with such passion?" or "How do you do it?" ...& an opening arrives.
I've been asked, how do you get such pictures? It isn't where I go... it's who goes with me. It isn't the camera it's the maker of the scene in the photo. It isn't my hands... it's His. I'm just loving walking with Him. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words... than my photos are thousand word thank yous, to the maker of all things.

May His grace drip from your fingers,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

A question posed to Rob Bell, that’s not about his book

MSNBC handed Rob Bell [pastor, author, speaker in the NOOMA videos] the question of
“Is God all powerful, & unfeeling/caring? Or… Is He caring, empathetic, yet unable to fix everything?”
This has everything to do with Japan & Libya, yet nothing to do with his newest book. I guess I would answer that with a question of my own. Do you believe Rob Bell is God? If not, why are you asking him a question that only God can answer? Let me quickly be clear here, I’m not mad that the question is being asked. Rather, I’m perplexed that the interviewer cannot ask God himself. God is rather used to people being angry/frustrated/confused with Him, & vocalizing/praying about it to God’s face. [See the book of Psalms] I cannot ask a human to answer a question that I’m really asking God. God knows each human better than any group of humans understand our entire species. I understand that the interviewer felt like Mr. Bell was side stepping the question. However, I cannot speak for another human. So it stands to reason that I cannot answer for God, whom I have a very primitive, rudimentary understanding of. I accept that there are a great many things about God for which, if He came here, sat on my futon [next to my pc], & explained, at great length, His reasons for why some things are the way they are, I’d simply reply: “huh? I don’t think I get it”. And, since He’d be explaining it inside of space & time, I might be a quite older individual by the time He was finished. Which, by the way, may be a reason why He never explained it to me in the first place. There are many questions that are posed by people who don’t know God, & cannot wrap their mind around such a being. What, I believe, is one of the silliest is: “can God make a rock that God cannot lift?” regardless of your answer, He is not omnipotent. …my first question, if you were omnipotent, would you bother? Does making a rock, solely to prove you cannot lift it, make a good story? Ah, no. It is brief, but no.
Now, being the smart aleck that I am: Yes, God can make a rock that God cannot lift, yet be able to lift it.
[this, of course, goes against the “do not test the Lord your God” verse]
How?!?! You ask. Simple. God, the father, makes a rock. Jesus, God the son, cannot lift it. Jesus prays to the father, & the rock is lifted. [either by Jesus, or by The Father. Or, perhaps it is “unmade” & thus “lifted”]
So, I can think…does that matter? Depends a great deal on what I think about…& what I do after thinking it. What you have is not nearly as important as what you do with it. [or, perhaps better still, what you have is not as important as what you allow God to do with it. …it is much easier to make this statement than to live it]

It is one thing to see the land of peace from a wooded ridge,
and another to tread the path that leads to it.
-St. Augustine III

Do I like Rob Bell? Yes, this isn’t based on time spent together, of course. I like what he’s written, spoke in videos, et al. I have not read Love Wins. I won’t comment on a book I’ve not read. If Mr. Bell & I spoke for a while, on matters of God, & the universe God has artistically fashioned, I imagine we’d have things we whole heartedly agree on. We would also have things that we would not agree on. If Rob Bell agreed with me, on everything in the universe, I would cease to read his books [watch his videos, etc.]. We would have no reason to spend time together. I already live with myself. [which, sometimes, isn’t as much fun as the “brochure” says it is.] Mr. Bell causes me to think. To think in directions that I maybe never thought in before. This would be why I like him. Sometimes, this is the reason I like Living Word. Maybe I always believed what they are saying… yet never thought to say it the way it’s being said.
I do not spend time with pushy people, who want to tell me what to think. I want to learn to think better. [so much could be said on that statement alone] People who threaten violence because you do not believe the way they do, or threaten because you have to “do what they say” or else. I usually pick else. It’s kind of mean, really. Yet, I’m just wired that way. I sometimes have to take time to think, am I just doing this or going this way because a bully doesn’t want me to? Or do I actually have a real reason?
Mr. Bell isn’t perfect. Yes, it takes one to know one, & I am one. [imperfect, that is]
I could go on…& on…&…
Love Wins, perhaps not today, but yes

[I have run out of time on here, so I didn't fix the font issue that shows up half way through this, sorry]

May His grace drip from your fingers,