Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2 not so typical Christmas songs...

ok, so over on Bought "as is" I posted another "classic carol". So I decided to go with another "newer", more obscure song on here...

After December Slips Away
[by First Call, from their cd: Beyond December ]

"after the carols fade away
after the yule fire dies down
when there are no longer dreams
to open & see
because you are hope & joy & peace
because your the only gift I need
in my heart the season
will remain

after December slips

to go with it, I'm putting a link to Robert Fripp doing silent night "frippertronics style"
It's not like any other way you've ever heard it. Fripp is very different. I tend to think of him as a guitarist version of an impressionistic painter. If you like what you hear, #1. you can purchase some of Fripp's stuff over at his record label's site: dgmlive. #2. you should hear it live! talk about "surround sound". Fripp & Krimson are bands you "step inside of". Kind of like ..."if a room [or the Grand Canyon] could sing". [or, perhaps, the musical equivalent of 3D]. Yeah, you could say I like them. Some of Fripp's stuff is very meditative, at least for me.

Well, it's late. I had a fun night, but I have to try to sleep now...

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