Monday, December 13, 2010

christmas songs

Loved our very own "LWSO" [Living Word Siberian Orchestra] preforming Carol of the bells...
Love the lyrics:
"...ring Christmas bells
merrily ring
the birthday of
Jesus our king
herald the news
to all the young
tell it to all
in every tongue..."

some Christmas songs I love that are not as familiar or "well worn".
Christmas is Jesus by Bryan Duncan [from the cd of the same name]
Christmas is Jesus
a child
for all men
gone from
the manger
and tomb
he lay in
Christmas is Jesus
God's love
coming true
a star
from the heavens
has fallen
for you..."

Cry of a Tiny Babe by Bruce Cockburn [from the cd: Nothin' but a Burnin' Light]
" a stone
on the surface
of a
still river
driving the ripples
on forever
redemption rips
the surface of time
in the cry of a tiny babe..."

...I'll try to post some more in the coming days...
[perhaps even one of my favorite Christmas memories, that fits well with Mariah Carry's "All I want for Christmas is you"]
only eleven days till Jesu's birthday...

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