Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas memories

I've been flipping back & forth between 2 radio stations playing Christmas music.
one played a song this week called "snow". It's from the classic movie White Christmas.
you can watch the clip here. Vermont is cool. White Christmas is one of Mom's favorite movies to watch at Christmas. We'd watch it Christmas eve, after getting home from church. This song is probably my favorite song from it. I think my favorite comedic line would be between:
Danny Kaye: grabbing Bing Crosby's lapels & pulling him close "how much is 'wow'?"
Crosby: "ah, it's right up there between, ah, 'ouch' & 'boing"
Kaye: "wow"


Crosby: "I'll get around to that someday." [referring to dating]
Kaye: "my dear partner, by the time what's left of you, gets around to what's left of them. what's left of them, won't be worth getting. Whatever it is you've got left."
Crosby: "if I figure out what that means, I'll come up with a crushing reply."

So many memories...
oh, the one with Mick that I previously mentioned.
We were newly married, & she was frustrated with trying to buy "the perfect gift".
[I know none of you have EVER had this problem, thankfully.]
she told me. So I said: "Honey, just put a bow in your hair & sit by the tree."
Christmas day I came down the stairs, & there she was with a hunter green bow in her blond hair. That image will stay in my head forever.
"is this ok?", she said.

I think of that every time I hear Mariah Carey's "all I want for Christmas is you".
Merry Christmas
7 days till we celebrate Jesu's birthday.

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