Tuesday, December 14, 2010

more Christmas song reflections

I almost hate to share this "piece of a song". It's sad, yet poetic. I reminds me that some people don't get their beloved soldier [or soldiers] back. Knowing so many who served/ are serving...I'm glad I still get to enjoy them. I guess this song reminds me not to take that for granted. And the band, Over the Rhine, help inspire me to write poetry. I need to listen to them more, to help me with my challenge over on Bought "as is"...

"they brought my love
home from the war
in a cart
pulled by
white mules
the Christmas bells
rang out that day
as fools
and as the snow
began to fall
I kissed her frozen face
they told me
her woolen coat
her last few words
were placed
snow angel
snow angel
I'm gonna fly
this cold & broken
heart of mine
will one day
good bye
good bye to this
cruel wicked world
and all the tears I've cried
snow angel
snow angel
I'll meet you in the sky"
Snow Angel by Over the Rhine [from the disc of the same title]

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